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Amy Just



Amy Just is a devoted mom and wife who loves to spend every free moment with her two daughters and husband. She’s a midwestern girl who loves to be outdoors. This includes hiking, camping and fishing when she gets a chance. She’s been known to run 5 and 10k’s for fun. Her family spends a lot of time in Europe as her husband is originally from Rosenheim, Germany. On their travels they enjoy exploring cities, wine tasting, dining out and experiencing new adventures!
Graduating college 2002 with her Interior Design degree landed her great job opportunities, all the while traveling across the US. She had the opportunity of living abroad for a year and a half after she was married.  She then decided to take some time off in 2013 to be a stay at home mom. Until recently, she launched ‘Neat Freaks’ here in her now hometown, Pleasanton CA with her partner Jenna Barros. Amy has 14+ years experience with an extensive background in Interior Design, ranging from construction/project management, kitchen and bath design, furniture design and interior decorating. She is passionate when it comes to space planning, organizing, decluttering, staging and problem solving. She likes to think outside of the box! She loves a good challenge and can’t wait to get started on your next project!  

Jenna Barros



Jenna Barros is a natural when it comes to being a Neat Freak. Jenna even as a child has always been neatly organized. She was impressing her mom at a young age with color coordinated closets and shoe racks. She has taken this way of life into her adulthood. Her home is a show stopper! She talks the talk and walks the walk. Now, she loves creating and executing organizational systems for any household. She's always had a knack for interior design, her hobbies have included house flipping with her loving and supportive husband, Phil. She was the driving force and project manager on both of her successful flips. She's efficient and fluent in time management. No job is too big for her. She will get it done! 

 In her free time she loves to spend time with her family. Her mom and  sister are her best friends who both live close by. She married her high school sweetheart and together they have a son that keeps them busy with school activities and sports. They have a pup named Io who is very much part of their family. They all love to hike, boat and travel together. 

Jason Azicri


Client Advocate 

Jason has never been neat. When he was in 5th grade his teacher was so incensed with his messy desk that the teacher flipped it over and exclaimed “in my 19 years, I’ve never seen a student so messy!” The one thing he did love doing was helping people. He found his passion when he discovered psychology in working with others to find their own healthy space. His experience is in crisis situations with individuals and couples of all ages. He grew up in Miami and decided to take a road trip across the country to California to jokingly be an out-of-work screen writer before starting his Masters. There he met his future wife and Northern California would then be his home. He graduated from Santa Clara with his Masters in Counseling Psychology in 2010 and has since been working in the field as well as consulting with various companies in the Silicon Valley. He has two children and believes being organized in both environment and mind is a lifelong journey. 

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